Health care for Elderly Parents


How to Care for Your Elderly parents

You are used to watching your parents do all the daily chores with ease like gardening, marketing, cooking, laundry etc. While you may be busy with the office and the kids, they are the ones who provide a helping hand at home.However, with age, it may get difficult for them to take care of their own needs. Forget planning for parental care services, you haven’t even thought about it. Since their health is your top priority, let’s look at things that you could do, to make their lives comfortable during their last few years.

  • Discuss with family: In case you have siblings or close relatives, you need to first decide where the
    parents wish to stay. If they wish to stay at their own home or move closer to you or to your sibling’s home.You could possibly look for an apartment that houses more retired people so that your parents have company. You also need to monitor their health to find out if they can possibly live alone, for instance, their eating habits, hygiene, memory loss problems or forgetfulness. Accordingly, you could arrange for some

  • Living options for the elderly: In case you have elderly parents who are no longer capable of living alone and need 24x7 elder care services they can have their own apartments with assistance for housekeeping,
    food, and medicines. There are nursing homes also for aged people with trained nurses. However, these
    options can prove very costly. There are some home care services that help in the daily activities such as
    bathing, dressing, preparing meals etc. You also have options like health care and therapeutic services
    which are for few hours.

*Your parent’s assets, savings, and insurance: This is also an important discussion when your aged
parents are involved. Since you have to slowly take control of their expenses, it is necessary to know about
their income, savings, and investments. Become a joint member of their bank accounts or investment
accounts so that it is easy to make timely payments. Also check if they have sufficient insurance to cover

It might seem difficult for you to manage everything mentioned above. But you have to be strong and do it all with a smile. After all, you don’t want your parents to feel the pressure. You have to not just look at their physical well-being but also their emotional well-being. Being strong and supportive of each other will ease the challenges for you and
your parents.