Is hiring talent biggest challenge in your Startup


As a startup, I am sure Talent Acquisition has been one of the major pain points for many of us. Bias-free, self-driven, decent communication are a basic must.

Using a job portal has its own challenges. Candidates don’t even remember your company name or job description as they apply randomly to multiple jobs on the portal. If not this, we must have experienced inbox flooding with CVs/Applications. You spend hours, days & weeks browsing through resumes to find that right guy and then endless interviews to find that one perfect candidate.

We work (train students to be job-ready) with good to great MBA colleges across the country and thus have access to a large talent pool. They are completing their MBA in next 1-3 months and are ready for a challenging role. And then there are 1st-year students who would be going for Summer Internship.

We screen them based on your requirement, train them so you interview only the best. You can hire a full-time resource by spending less than an hour.

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Manish Jha

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We are a self-funded startup. Our primary job is turning MBA students job ready. As an extension now we are helping same students get a project or a job.