Is there a way to legalize term and conditions of website in india?


Dear All,

I want to know how to create terms and conditionds for my webiste. do I need to simply jot down the points or is there any legal procedure that needs to take place inorder to make T&C’s of my website effective.



As far as I know their is no specific legal procedure to create terms and conditions but you have to register your farm / website according to law. Complete all the legal requirements i.e. Company registration under Suitable sector ( Public or private ) , GST NO, Domain registration, Trade Mark, of company, Generate license etc. etc. after that take expert help / guidance ( Business Lawyer preferable ) and write it down your websites term and conditions now a day many firms / online portable available in market to help you. and its necessary to take advice from expert in this matter, don’t just pen it down your self because this terms and conditions going to save you from risk of uncertainty and misunderstanding.