Raising Funds for a SAAS product? Here is a tip


If you have a sass product and you are planning to raise funds, build a projection excel sheet for your revenue & rough expenses.

Here is what I had built:

  1. Estimated month on month customer growth taking into account 5% churn (5 is high)
  2. Estimated revenue based on point 1
  3. Estimated burn taking into account salaries, marketing & sales expenses, server costs & other spends (office space)

Having a projection sheet like thing allowed us to so simple simulations based on change is pricing, number of customer & churn rate. It allows gave us an idea of how much capital we would need to raise.


Thanks @ravivyas for this post.
Can you share your projection excel sheet so that people not from the business background can get an idea what points to cover. In fact, people might be able to build on it / create an open source-collaborative version of the points to cover. :stuck_out_tongue: